Annual Gas Can Exchange Program Helps Community “Think Green, Breathe Easy”


May 20, 2012, Portage, IN – In cooperation with the Household Hazard Waste Collection Program, the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) is offering its annual gas can exchange program.

“Old, leaky gas cans are a major contributor to air pollutions, particularly ozone formation,” said Kathy Luther, Director of Environmental Programs, NIRPC. “By giving people the opportunity to turn in an old gas can and get a new, environmentally friendly gas can for free, we help save the air while helping people in our community save money.”

Luther explained that the gas can that NIRPC gives you when you turn in an old gas can is a 2.5 gallon CARB gas can. These gas cans are leak-proof and no-spill. They are also made of a thicker plastic that prevents harmful gases from leaking through the plastic, which is a major problem with other older gas cans. In addition to preventing ozone formation, the leak-proof design helps prevent stormwater runoff; gas that is spilled can wash through stormdrain systems, polluting local streams and drainage

From June 1 through early November, there are approximately 16 gas exchange dates in locations throughout Northwest Indiana, including”

  • June 9 – Lowell Street Department, 598 S. Union Street, Lowell
  • June 23 – Griffith Public Works, 134 S. Colfax, Griffith
  • June 30 – Dyer Public Works, 510 Edmond Drive, Dyer
  • July 7 – Westchester Inter. School, 1050 S. 5th Ave., Chesterton
  • July 28 – Highland Public Works, 8001 Kennedy Ave, Highland
  • August 11 – Portage High School, 6450 E. Rt. 6, Portage
  • September – Hobart City Barns, 340 South Shelby, Hobart
  • October 6 – Lake County Fair Grounds, 889 S. Court Street, Crown Point
  • October 27 – Munster Public Works, 508 Fisher St.. Munster

“The Gas Can Exchange Program is just one component of the Northwest Indiana Clean Air initiative, which encourages people in our community to think green, improve the air quality, and so breathe easy,” said Luther. “There are countless ways that consumers can help think green, and most of these things you can do take very little time or money…just being conscious of day-to-day activities.”

Luther cited several “actionable” items such as carpooling, filling your gas tank in the early morning or evening hours, don’t idle in heavy traffic or at train stops, use a push mowever, and ride your bike to the store or work, if possible.

For more information about the gas can exchange program visit the NIRPC website.

Brought to you by Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, a leader in the Northwest Indiana Clean Air initiative where it all adds up to cleaner air.


For more information:
Kathy Luther,
Director of Environmental Programs
Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission

6100 Southport Road
Portage, IN 46368
219-763-6060 x 127